EcoSynthetix Visits the BDDC


The Bio Products Centre welcomed EcoSynthetix representatives Ted Van Egdom, Senior Vice-President of Market Realization and Product Manufacturing; Ralph De Jong, Vice-President of Research and Development and Customer Solutions; and Jason D'Souza, Research Scientist. An overview and tour of the BDDC was presented by the director of the BDDC Amar Mohanty, and Professor Manjusri Misra.

Image - Professors Amar Mohanty and Manjusri Misra with representatives from Ecosynthetix

From left: Professor Manjusri Misra, Jason D'Souza, Ted Van Egdom, Professor Amar Mohanty, and Ralph De Jong

Image - Prof. Amar Mohanty giving a tour of the BDDC to representatives from Ecosynthetix

Professor Amar Mohanty giving a tour of the BDDC