A science-based centre for a sustainable future

  • The BDDC occupies 9,000 square feet in the south end of the Crop Science Building, with additional labs in other parts of the building, facilitating R&D activities for more than 30 researchers per year.

About BDDC 

The Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre (BDDC) is an interdisciplinary centre where plant biologists, chemists and engineers converge to investigate and commercialize biomaterials. The experts at the BDDC combine distinct areas of study including genetics, molecular biology, agronomy, materials engineering to produce leading edge research and innovative materials and chemicals derived from renewable resources.

The BDDC is staffed by a team of world class researchers and research collaborators who are defining new frontiers in bio-based product development and processing. The BDDC team is lead by Prof. Amar Mohanty, Director of the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre and Ontario Premier’s Chair in Biomaterials and Transportation.

The research team at the BDDC is actively engaged in industry-led projects that will see commercial application in the near-term. The BDDC specializes in meeting the needs of industry and prides itself on quick turn around of results while ensuring complete confidentiality for its clients.

The BDDC is also a world-class laboratory where basic research is conducted, and science and engineering are explored for their untapped potential. The BDDC is part of several research networks which are conducting leading edge research that could have far reaching applications in materials development. The BDDC is open to research collaboration and welcomes the opportunity to partner with other universities, government agencies or industry on their research projects.

Current projects and research are being conducted in: