The Vision:

Innovation in bioproducts for mitigating climate change.

The Mission 

  • Develop sustainable material alternatives to petroleum-based materials
  • Develop the research and capacity to make Ontario the world leader in biomaterials, with a special focus on the auto industry
  • Develop a collaborative interdisciplinary network, which will include biologists, engineers, and economists, as well as partners from the agricultural and manufacturing sectors
  • Produce greener bioproducts to substitute non-renewable materials in many manufacturing sectors, consumer goods and services
  • Help Ontario facilitate a transition to a bio-based economy and position the University of Guelph as a world leader in the field of bioproducts
  • Provide a nexus where physical and engineering scientists and plant biologists will work together on viable solutions to some of today's most pressing problems
  • Explore ways to add value to waste agricultural and forestry products
  • Draw researchers from other universities, government agencies and from industry to build interdisciplinary teams that can approach challenges from multiple perspectives