BDDC Hosts their First Circular Economy Workshop in Guelph


The Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre hosted their first Circular Economy Workshop entitled "Circular Economy Workshop Towards Mitigating Climate Change". The event took place at the University of Guelph OAC Centennial Arboretum Centre on May 5th, 2017. The event registration reached a total number of 145 people, including participants from academia, government, agriculture and industry sectors.The focus of the workshop was on deriving value-added products from waste.

Theme of the workshop:

  • Waste minimization via a closed-loop system
  • Food wastes as raw materials for new industrial products
  • Household waste carpets & electronics valorization
  • Industrial coproducts and byproducts valorization

Topics covered:

  • Circular economy and waste free world
  • How the circular economy will lead towards mitigating climate change
  • Waste to value-added sustainable materials-exemplifying the circular economy
  • Moves towards a circular economy for economic growth

See the Event WebPage here.

See the Workshop flyer here.