The Launch of the New Ontario Bioproducts Website


On September 25th 2019, the BDDC publicized their new Ontario BioProducts website. The web-based directory was developed to the support the entire value-chain of agri-based bioproducts sector in Ontario, with a focus on bio-based materials, chemicals and fuels. 

The directory lists the following entities in Ontario's bioproducts value chain: 

  • Producers, grower associations, and other relevant non-profit agriculture and forestry-based organizations 
  • Private companies processing and/or manufacturing industrial and consumer products, biochemicals and bioenergy from biomass
  • Organizations providing services in support of Ontario's bioproducts
  • Research institutions 
  • Government agencies 

The project is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), led by Dr. Manjusri Misra, and was developed and continues to be managed by the Bioproducts Discover and Development Centre, University of Guelph. 

The website can be accessed here: