Project SOY-Plus Competition 2020


The 24th Annual Project SOY Plus Competition has been expanded to include innovations using all plant and plant-based products. This competition provide University of Guelph (including Guelph-Humber) students ranging from graduate, undergraduate, and diploma the opportunity conduct independent research projects in order to develop a business plan for their plant-based biomaterial innovation.

This year, both teams from the BDDC placed in the top 3 of the Graduate Student Category.

Maisyn Picard, Kjeld Meereboer and Mateo Gonzalez de Gortari, Green Egg Paper won second place for a sustainable stone paper product (Advisors: Profs. Manjusri Misra, School of Engineering, and Amar Mohanty, Plant Agriculture) 

Tara Allohverdi and Mal Hedrick, AgriLife Bio won third place for a biochar soil amendment using agricultural wastes (Advisors: Profs. Misra, Mohanty and Istvan Rajcan, Plant Agriculture)


More information about the event can be found HERE.