Professors Amar Mohanty and Manjusri Misra Attend the 2020 Sustainable Packaging Symposium


From June 29 - July 2, 2020, Professors Amar Mohanty and Manjusri Misra attended the virtual Sustainable Packaging Symposium 2020 hosted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Dr. Mohanty presented his research titled "Circular Economy Driven Biocomposites- A Renewal for Innovation in Sustainable Packaging".

Dr. Misra presented her research titled "Can Biodegradable Plastics Alleviate Single-Use Plastic Waste? Challenges and Opportunities in the Sustainable Packaging Sector".

The 2020 Sustainable Packaging Symposium brings together experts from industry and academia worldwide to address challenges and discoveries to focus on how to move the world to a point where packaging is sourced responsibly, designed to be effective & safe throughout its life cycle, is recycled or reused, and has a minimal impact on the environment, ecology, and health of the public. The symposium will also focus on novel products and innovation in the packaging industry, and the development of a circular economy for packaging waste.

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