Professor Manjusri Misra Attends the 2020 Biocomposites Research Network Conference


On May 11, 2020, Professor Manjusri Misra was invited to present her research at the virtual 2020 Biocomposites Research Network (BioCRN) Conference hosted by the University of British Columbia. Dr. Misra was invited as the Keynote Speaker, where she delivered her presentation titled "Bio-Composites and Circular Economy: The Current Status and Future Directions".

The BioCRN conference is a multi-disciplinary, multi-campus, Canadian international network that focuses on developing high-impact clusters of research excellence in different sub-areas of biocomposite materials and manufacturing. It expands the collaboration among multiple institutes and centres in the field, as well as liaising with key government sectors and policy makers. The virtual event attracted over 50+ international attendees and hosted 20 different thought-provoking presentations from around the world.

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