BDDC Students Presents at the GFEC 2024


Students from the BDDC presented posters at the Guelph Food Engineering Conference (GFEC) held at the University of Guelph on April 5th, 2024. BDDC Students participated in the undergraduate and the Ph.D. Category

Poster Presentations Include:

  • Vo Thy Phuong Le's Poster Presentation was awarded 2nd Place in the Undergraduate Category.
  • Aarsha Surrendren's poster presentation was awarded 3rd Place in the Ph.D. Category.
  • "Home-compostable blends of Bio-Poly(Butylene Succinate) and Bio-Poly(Butylene Succinate-Co-Adipate): Compatibilization and Performance Evaluation" Authors: Le, V.T.P.,Nath, D.,Pesaranhajiabbas, E.,Wang, T.,Mohanty, A. K.& Misra, M. Presented by: Vo Thy Phuong Le
  • "Thermoplastic starch blend for packaging film applications:a study on the effect of initiator and cross-linker on prepared blend system". Authors: Surrendren, A., Lim, L.,Xu, Q.,Mohanty, A. K.& Misra, M. Presented by: Aarsha Surrendren 
  • "Truly Green composites from Bacterial Bioplastics and Renewable Cellulose Fibre: Effect on Compatibilizer on Performance" Authors: Nath, D.,Rodriguez-Uribe, A.,Mohanty, A. K.& Misra, M. Presented by: Debarshi Nath
  • "Innovative Home Compostable Flexible Packaging: Engineered High Performance Trilayer Blown Film Structures". Authors: Pesaranhajiabbas, E.,Mohanty, A. K.& Misra, M. Presented by: Ehsan Pesaranhajiabbas
  • "Edible coating as a postharvest management strategy for shelf-life extension of stone fruits". Authors: Krishnan, R.,Misra, M.,Subramanian, J. & Mohanty, A. K. Presented by: Reshma Krishnan
  • "Eco-Friendly Wax Coatings For Paper Packaging: Effects of Coating on Mechanical and Barrier Properties". Authors: Jahangiri, F.,Pal, A. K.,Mohanty, A. K.,Clemmer, R.,Gregori, S. & Misra, M. Presented by: Fatemeh Jahangiri