Bioplastics: A Solution to the Plastic Waste Problem?


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The authors; Ashton, L., Cruz, G.E., Misra, M., Mohanty, A., Fraser, E., McCormick, M., Wang, T., Snowdon, M., & Corradini, M., write about the role of plastic in our everyday lives and further compare petroleum-based plastic versus bio-based plastic, featured on the Arrell Food Institute's website: 

"Plastics can be shaped into anything and mimic materials that we need (e.g., leather and rubber). They are widely available and affordable. Although plastics remain an important part of our day-to-day, the amount of waste produced from our reliance on plastics and their persistence in natural environments have severely complicated their management and disposal.

Bio-based plastics, which are plastics produced from plants and other renewable sources, show promise in reducing plastic pollution and our reliance on fossils fuels. However, we must consider the trade-offs and benefits of bio-based plastics, how they will fit into our waste management systems and their holistic impacts on human and planetary health". 

See their Bioplastic Infographic here.