BDDC Researchers Present At The 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting


BDDC researchers presented at the 2018 AlChE Annual Meeting, which took place in Pittsburgh during October 28th to November 2, 2018. The AlChE Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth. Academic and industry experts cover wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering. The BDDC researchers communicated 9 talks at the meeting entitled:

i. "Sustainable Food Industry Wastes for Biocomposite Applications". Authors: Alison C. Gowman, Maisyn C. Picard, Arturo Rodriguez-Uribe, Manju Misra, Hamdy Khalil, and Amar K. Mohanty

ii. "Sustainable Biomass Derived Fluorescent Carbon Dots for the Selective Detection of Fe3+ Ions." Presented by: Maisyn C. Picard, Suman Thakur, Manju Misra, and Amar K. Mohanty.

iii. "Understanding Barrier Properties of Plastics for Packaging Applications: A Comprehensive Approach to Polymer Performance." Presented by: Arturo Rodriguez-Uribe, Manju Misra, and Amar K. Mohanty.

iv. "Itaconated Epoxidized Corn Oil: a Fully Biobased and Non-Volatile Alternative of Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil." Presented by: Suman Thakur, Jean-Mathieu Pin, Manju Misra, and Amar K. Mohanty.

v. "3D Printing of Modified PA11 and Biocomposites: Processing and Performance Evaluation." Presented by: Manju Misra, Andrew Anstey, Claire Benwood, and Amar K. Mohanty.

vi. "Integrating Sustainable Biocarbon in Lightweight and Durable Biocomposite Solutions for Automotive Applications." Presented by: Amar K. Mohanty, Andrew Anstey, Amandine Codou, and Manju Misra.

vii. "A Study on the Gelation Kinetics and Chain Relaxation of Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) By Reactive Extrusion." Presented by Feng WU, Manju Misra, and Amar K. Mohanty

viii. "Chicken Feather Biocarbon Based Novel Biodegradable Composites." Presented by Zonglin Li, Christoff Reimer, Amar K. Mohanty, and Manju Misra.

viiii. "A Study on Extent of Chain Crosslink on HDT Improvement of Poly (lactic acid)." Presented by Feng Wu, Amar K. Mohanty & Manjusri Misra.

Additionally, Manju Misra & Amar K. Mohanty were the chairs for the AIChE presentation topics - "Bioplastics, Biocomposites and Value-Added Uses of Biofuel Coproducts for Sustainable Manufacturing", "Lignin for Sustainable Industrial Uses", & "Lignocellulosic Materials".

For more information about the AIChE 2018 meeting can be found at

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