13th International E-conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials (APM-2022)


APM 2022 is 13th in the series of conferences intended to be held every year in India organized by CIPET to bring together the international community from diverse areas of polymers, product development, design, teaching and research, to showcase cutting edge research about plastic material & product development to the stakeholders; aid the ongoing process of developing and extending the collective vision through emerging research challenges and questions; and provide a platform for interaction collaboration and development of the community in order for it to take up the challenges to realize the vision. The conference is intended for students, teachers, researchers, scientists, technologists and Industrialists. The theme for APM 2022 is “Probing Innovative & Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing”.

APM 2022 will be held virtually on March 8-12, 2022. For more information on this conference, click here