Three Postdoc Positions Available - Deadline May 31, 2019


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University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Expected Start Date:

July 2019

Deadline to Apply:

May 31, 2019 (Applications will be reviewed upon receipt of complete application package)

Degree Requirements: PhD degree obtained in May 2015 or later in the field of Engineering and Science (polymer engineering, chemistry, materials) or a related discipline

Specific Requirements:

1) Must have extensive experience in polymer processing through melt extrusion and the characterization of their properties;

2) Knowledge and a strong publication record in polymer science and engineering, polymer chemistry and synthesis, and melt processed bioplastics and composites is required; and

3) Knowledge in biobased materials such as biopolymers, polymer blends, natural fibres, and biocomposites are required.

Contract Duration:

One year, with possible extension for an additional year


CAD $42,000 - $45,000 per annum plus benefits

Postdoctoral Opportunities

  1. Multi-Layer Polymer Films & Packaging via Melt Processing with Property Analysis for Biopolymer Blends, and Biocomposites (Cast, Blown, and Melt Extrusion) [1 Position](Email Heading: Films & Packaging)

The focus for this position is to create formulations of biopolymer blends, biocomposites, hybrid composites, and nanobiocomposites for multi-layer films and packaging via MELT processing (Cast, Blown, and Melt Extrusion) for high barrier properties. The selected candidates will work on formulating materials via melt processing and reactive extrusion techniques for multi-layer films and packaging, where they will study the processing, barrier properties, and structure-property relationship. Candidate must have experience with cast and blown film processing and their characterization.

  1. Polymer Blends and Composites (Biobased Materials, Biobased Composites, Reactive Extrusion, Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding) [2 Positions]

(Email Heading: Blends & Composites)

The focus for this position is to develop formulations of biopolymer blends, biocomposites, hybrid composites, and nanobiocomposites. The selected candidate will work on melt processing and reactive extrusion techniques, where they will study the processing, structure and property relationship. The formulated materials will be studied for their processing, structure and property relationships.

**Candidates MUST have a STRONG BACKGROUND in Polymer Science and Engineering**

How to Apply

Application to the BDDC Selection Committee

Your application package must contain the following documents and labelled accordingly:

  1. Cover letter outlining qualifications for the specific position applied and earliest date of availability, if selected;

(File Name: Last Name_Cover Letter_Date)

  1. Two-page summary outlining your interest and motivation to work in the BDDC;

(File Name: Last Name_Summary_Date)

  1. A reverse chronologically complete CV (Curriculum Vitae) which includes

(File Name: Last Name_CV_Date):

  1. Education and Work Experience – Start with high school (including start and end date - month and year)
  2. Thesis title of your Master’s and/or PhD degrees
  3. Name of advisor(s) for your Master’s and/or PhD degrees
  4. Percent average or GPA (if including GPA please provide what it is out of i.e. 4.36/5.0)
  5. Timeline and summary of gaps between degrees starting from high school
  6. List of courses during your education most relevant to this position and grades obtained for each course,
  7. List of your peer-reviewed journal publications
    1. (NOTE: Please indicate the contributions of each author and which degree (Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Postdoc) the publication is related to),
  8. List of your conference presentations,
  9. Contact information for three references.;
  1. Your scientific publications in *pdf format.

(File Name: Last Name_Publication#_Date)

*Publication # should correspond with the list number in your CV

Initial review of applications will begin as soon as possible and continue until the positions are filled.

Please send your application package with the above documents to

Email Subject Line: Postdoctoral Fellow Position at BDDC + Indicate position above (1 or 2)

**Separate applications are required if applying to multiple positions**

Research component of the Postdoctoral Fellow position will be conducted within the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre (BDDC), University of Guelph. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with senior scientists from different areas (materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry, packaging and plant agriculture) and will have the chance to work collaboratively with industrial partners.

At the University of Guelph, fostering a culture of inclusion is an institutional imperative. The University invites and encourages applications from all qualified individuals, including from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in employment, who may contribute to further diversification of our Institution.

Supervised by:

Professor Amar Mohanty

Professor Manjusri Misra

We thank all applicants who apply, but only short-listed candidates will be contacted.