Professor Misra's Research featured in Guelph Today


Professor Manjusri Misra is leading the project that received $1M in funding by the province to develop and commercialize a home compostable K-cup. The research team partnered with Ontario-based companies Coffee Club and Competitive Green Technologies for this venture. In addition to Professor Manjusri Misra, the research team includes Professor Amar Mohanty and Professor Brandon Gilroyed, from the University of Guelph, as well as Professor Devashish Pujari, at McMaster University. The aim for this project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the disposal of K-cups used in Keurig coffee machines. This is a four and a half year project and is now going into its second year. 


Guelph Today Article: UofG researchers get $1M for compostable K-cup project